We provide all kinds of seals for various construction machinery (agricultural, construction machinery, forklifts, etc.). We know how important time is nowadays and how projects can stop due to damaged seals. We can produce any seal within one hour so that you can continue your work with minimal cost.
We manufacture and supply seals which are present in hydropower plants, wind turbine power plants and heating plants, where specific performance seals are needed.
Very difficult working conditions, dirt and water require seals that are resistant to high pressures and hydrolysis. For this purpose, we produce seals from materials which are resistant to hydrolysis and have excellent physical properties.
In order to process steel and iron a lot of pressure and rotation is needed, which is achieved by a high-pressure hydraulic systems, even up to 700 bar and more. High temperature and rotational speed are the main factors for which sealing systems often fail in the steel industry. We offer special materials and profiles for foundries, and can produce seals with more than 1000mm in diameter.
We manufacture seals specially made for use in paper industry, rotary seals for cylinders that are resistant to high temperature and rotation.
Production, storage, transport and processing of oil and gas requires the most quality seals. In the petrochemical industry, it is important from which material the seals are made in order to avoid the permeability of the media. We offer more than 20 different certified materials which are resistant to gases, acids, oil, etc.
We also offer seals and certified materials for use in the food industry. In our offer you can find a variety of materials with certificates such as DWG, FDA, KTW, etc. for various applications that include drinking water, contact with food during production, domestic appliances, etc.
We are present throughout the program of marina. We provide seals for shipbuilding industry and seals used for repairs on yachts, boats, etc. .. We offer seals that are resistant to sea water and are also environmentally friendly.
We manufacture seals for the pharmaceutical and medical industry with certified materials.
Our seals are present in electronic devices and fittings. We manufacture seals for initial installation as well as non-standard seals.