Guide tapes and anti-extrusion rings are used as sliding elements between the piston rod and piston, and have an important role in the hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.

Guide tapes and anti-extrusion rings prevent the piston and the rod of damaging their surface during operation, and consequently damaging the seals. Well preserved guide tapes are the key to long-term sealing performance.

Guide tapes made out of TEFLON, phenolic resins and POM C material (for heavy duty) are available in standard sizes. They are also available as non-standard guide tapes.

In heavy duty cylinders the seal is often supported by a wear ring or an anti-extrusion ring to prevent the pressure and the iron wall of the cylinder to damage the seal. In most cases they are installed when the pressures are high or the seal has too much space (height of the seal is too small) so it has a supporting ring. POM-C or POLYURETHANE materials are recommended where the installation is more difficult.

We also sell impact-resistant plastic POM-C, which can be used as a guide bush and sprockets. The material is of high quality and is resistant to hydrolysis; it has excellent physical properties and can be easily machined.