O-rings, rings of circular cross-section, are sealing elements which are most adaptable for the needs of many applications.

O-RINGS AND CORDS - oringi in vrvice

Because of its simplicity, they can be found in most of the sealing systems, where it is necessary to seal passage of liquids and gases.

Due to its versatility and widespread use on market, we have more than 5000 dimensions on stock. We can supply O-rings with diameters ranging from 0.8 mm up to 1400 mm. We can also supply non-standard dimensions of O-rings. Standard materials used for O-rings production are NBR, EPDM, silicone (VMQ) and Viton (FPM).


There is a variety of cords on our stock that are cut by the meter. We offer O-RING cords section and square profile cords (wires) that are designed for more demanding applications. Cords are used for static sealing of large diameter flanges (NBR, EPDM), simpler belt drives (polyurethane) and shaft sealing in rotary and reciprocating pumps (braided cords made of PTFE) in tanks (braided packings), mixers, etc.